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Description: This course deals with identifying majors risks that organizations face, the sources and reasons for these risks, and strategies to reduce them to insure continuity and profitability. The instructors will take four different perspectives on this challenging topic. The students are expected to bring their own perspectives and experiences to the class. 

Learning Objectives: Students will learn 

  • about the multiplicity of sources of uncertainty and risk for organizations 
  • how to identify organizational risks 
  • how top management can reduce and manage risk and uncertainty 
  • how to recognize the risk associated with changes in interest rates and use swaps and immunization techniques to lower the financial risk 
  • about the fundamentals of information systems risk management 
  • about environmental and supply chain risks management concepts 
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Action Learning Project: Students will create two projects during this course. 

1. The first will be a short essay due between the sixth and eighth week of the course. 

2. The second will be a research paper due between the twelfth and fourteenth week of the course. 

*Students should consult with their online instructor on any questions regarding theme, design, research, etc. 

Recommended Reading:  

  • Risk and Security Management: Protecting People and Sites Worldwide; Aug 4, 2008 by Michael Blyth 
  • The Risk Modeling Evaluation Handbook: Rethinking Financial Risk Management Methodologies in the Global Capital…; Feb 12, 2010 by Greg N. Gregoriou and Christian Hoppe